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US And State Flags for Schools, College and Universities

Add a patriotic touch to your school or office with National flags. We've got American Flags in different sizes and all the State Flags too, perfect for indoors or outdoors. Whether you want small flags for class or a big one for halls, we've got what you need. Our flags for Schools, Colleges and Universites come in different prices, fabrics, and designs, so you can find the right one without spending too much. Check out our flag holders, poles and pole holders to make sure your flag is displayed proudly. Let's make your space feel proud and connected with our flags!

A flag flies on the UNH Campus
A flag flies in a classroom

Why It Is Necessary to Display Flags in Educational Institutes?

Displaying flags in schools is important for many reasons. Flags foster a love for one's country and create a sense of unity among

students and staff. They teach respect for diversity, encourage civic responsibility, and symbolize a nation's history and culture. Flags inspire positive learning environments, shaping students' values and preparing them for global citizenship. Overall, having flags in educational institutes goes beyond decoration; it plays a vital role in creating a shared identity and instilling essential values in students.

Flag Etiquette and Display Guidelines for Schools:

Flag etiquette and display guidelines are essential for respectful handling of flags, including the US and State flags at schools. They cover proper positioning, emphasizing the importance of the US flag, and the need for good lighting. Guidelines stress careful handling to prevent flags from touching the ground and recommend a specific folding procedure when not in use. Regular maintenance is crucial to promptly address fading or damage. There are also specific ceremonial procedures for occasions like flag-raising. Understanding when and how to display flags at half-staff is important as a mark of respect. These guidelines ensure that flags in educational institutions are visually appealing and aligned with proper etiquette, fostering pride and respect among students and staff.

For more on this subject, see our posts on Flag Etiquette and Flag Display Guidelines:

Flags & Flag Supplies Common to Schools, Colleges & Universities:

a banner flies over a window of a house
Stars & Stripes Full-Fan Flag Banner – 3′ x 6′ Poly-Cotton
Eder Poly-Max Polyester flags
US Flag 4′ x 6′ Poly-Max Polyester Outdoor Display Flag
Tough-Tex Flag for commercial applications
U.S. Flag 4′ x 6′ Commercial 100% Polyester – 2-Ply, Spun Weave
The flag of Massachusetts flying
Massachusetts State Flag 4′ x 6′ – USA Made – Quality Nylon
The official flag of the State of Connecticut
Connecticut State Flag 4′ x 6′ – USA Made – Quality Nylon
The official flag of the State of Rhode Island
Rhode Island State 4′ x 6′ Flag – USA Made – Quality Nylon
Maine State Flag Panel
Maine State 3′ x 5′ Flag – USA Made – Quality Nylon
Official Flag of the State of New Hampshire
New Hampshire State 3′ x 5′ Flag, Nylon, USA-Made, printed (Good)

Flag Post Relating to Schools, Colleges & Universities:

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