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Providing Flags for Schools, Colleges, Universities, Towns, Cities and State Agencies in New England

Welcome to World of Flags USA, your premier destination for top-quality flags in New England. As a leading provider, we take great pride in offering a diverse range of flags that cater to individuals, businesses, schools, and government organizations throughout the region. Whether you're a proud New Englander displaying your love for your home state or an organization seeking to represent your values, our vast collection is sure to meet your needs.

Our mission at World of Flags USA is to connect you with the perfect flag that reflects your identity, values, and pride. We understand that flags hold deep symbolism and act as powerful representations of culture, heritage, and belonging. That's why we've curated an extensive range that encompasses flags for all occasions, proudly celebrating the spirit of New England.

Why Buy from Us...

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Thousands of In-stock Flags & Flag Supplies

At World of Flags USA we have thousands of flags and flag supplies readily available for online or over the phone purchase & shipping.

Fast Service to The Six New England States

We pack and ship orders 5 days a week and whenever possible, use USPS priority and Ground Advantage shipping for quick delivery throughout New England.

Committed to Selling American Made Flags

World of Flags USA has been featuring 'Made in USA' flags and owned and operated by the just two families for nearly 50 years. We treat you like family!

Focused on Institutional and Municipal Markets

While we are happy to fill orders for homeowners and small businesses, we focus on ensuring that our flag quality, service and support is laser focused.

Our Four Market Focus

Schools, Colleges & Universities

World of Flags USA offers an extensive flag assortment specifically tailored for schools, colleges, and universities.

We understand the importance of representing school spirit and pride, which is why our flag collection features various sizes, designs, and materials to meet the needs and preferences of educational institutions. From standard school flags to custom-made banners, we ensure top-quality products that reflect the institution's identity and foster a sense of unity and belonging among students, faculty, and staff.

Public Safety: Fire & Police Stations

World of Flags USA offers a diverse and unique flag assortment specifically designed for firehouses and police stations. Our collection includes a range of flags that symbolize the dedication and bravery of these heroic institutions. From the iconic Thin Blue Line flag to flags depicting firefighting symbols, our assortment is thoughtfully curated to represent the spirit and values of these esteemed organizations. We take pride in providing high-quality flags that are durable, vibrant, and proudly display the virtues of our local heroes.

Localities: Towns, Cities & Cemeteries

World of Flags USA offers a diverse flag assortment tailored specifically for municipalities and town cemeteries. Our assortment includes flags of various sizes, materials, and designs, allowing municipalities and cemetery administrators to choose the options that best meet their needs. Made from high-quality materials to ensure durability and longevity. We strive to provide municipalities and town cemeteries with the flags they require for commemorative occasions and to honor our veterans.

States: Agencies, Lands & State Parks

World of Flags USA knows the needs of state agencies, lands and parks. Our flag assortment caters specifically to state buildings and grounds. We offer a wide variety of high-quality flags that reflect the state identities and symbols. Each American-Made flag is carefully crafted using durable materials to ensure longevity and resilience in outdoor conditions. We take pride in providing flags that represent each state's rich heritage, fostering a sense of unity and pride among the public institutions they adorn.

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