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Spinning Flagpole 6′ White (1-Piece, With Gold Ball)

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Fly the Flag Without the Furling

See your flag of up to 36″ high always fly free, never furling in the breeze. This 1-piece, 6′ White with Gold Ball pole is equipped with a top end 40″ on ball-bearings.

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In stock

One of Our Best-Selling Flagpoles - Furling-Free

Six feet long, this poles are available in a white finish. The top forty inches of the pole rotates on ball bearings so the flag will always hang free. There is no need for an unfurling tube. Each pole is supplied with a ball top, two flag fasteners for flying a traditional flag with grommets and also with a snap and swivel ring for displaying banner type flags with pole sleeves. All models will fit one-inch brackets.

Perfect for use on street electric poles or light posts, with a 3' x 5' flag.

  • 6' spinning flagpole in white color
  • Features a gold ball for added elegance
  • Ideal for residential or commercial use
  • Allows flags to rotate freely, preventing tangling

Enhance your flag display with our 6' white spinning flagpole, complete with a gold ball for added elegance. Perfect for both residential and commercial settings, this flagpole allows flags to rotate freely, preventing tangling and ensuring a dignified presentation.

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