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2-1/2″Round Flag Base for 4″ x 6″ Handheld Flags, 12/pack

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This display base-stand measures 2-1/2″ in diameter and holds a single 4″ x 6″ flag. Perfect for use on desktops, reception counters and meeting rooms. Comes in packs of 12 bases.

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In stock

Flag Base for Tabletop & Desktop Display

This 2-1/2" diameter flag base-stand when they have a small-sized flagpole or flag that requires this specific diameter for stability and support. This size is commonly used for 4" x 6" handheld or smaller decorative flags. The base-stand is designed to securely hold the flagpole in place and prevent it from toppling over due to wind or other external factors.

  • Pack of 12 round flag bases
  • Designed for 4" x 6" handheld flags
  • 2-1/2" diameter for stability
  • Ideal for secure display of flags in various settings

Ensure stable display of your 4" x 6" handheld flags with our 2-1/2" round flag bases. Each pack contains 12 bases, offering stability and security for your flag displays. Whether used for events, parades, or decorations, these bases provide a reliable solution for showcasing your flags with pride.

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