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Fireman Handheld or Grave Marker Flag-12″ x 18″ White Staff 12/Cs

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Honor the Serving & Fallen Firefighters

Honor both the serving and fallen Firefighters in your community with this handheld or grave marking flag of Poly-Cotton blend. This flag measures 12″ x 18″ with a white staff of 3/8″ x 30″.

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Firefighters Remembered with a Flag that Marks Their Service

Introducing our exceptional 12" x 18" firefighter handheld or grave marker flag, meticulously crafted for both tribute and remembrance. Made with the utmost care and respect, this flag is designed to honor the bravery and dedication of our cherished firefighters.

With its optimal size of 12" x 18", this flag ensures a striking visual presence while maintaining a portable and handheld convenience. Whether used as a tribute at a firefighter's gravesite or as a symbol of admiration and support at events, its dimensions offer a perfect balance of visibility and practicality.

Featuring a 3/8" x 30" white staff, this flag elegantly extends its noble message. The white staff provides a strong and sturdy foundation, guaranteeing the flag remains upright and steadfast in any setting. Crafted with high-quality materials, our flag withstands the test of time and waves gallantly with unrivaled durability.

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